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Caterham 7 Headlight Upgrades

Price £599

Are your headlights too dim, or not lighting the road in the right places?

Are you concerned that nobody can see your brake lights and indicators?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution!

Caterham lighting has been a keen topic of conversation for a very long time. It is no secret that Caterham real light clusters originate from an early 1950s caravan, and their standard headlamps are about as useful as a pair of candles being shone through a microscope.

In recent years, Caterham have created some LED alternatives which have proven to be popular upgrades with a clear demand from Caterham owners for improvements. But are they actually any good? We have our reservations…

Whilst Caterham’s upgraded headlamp package provides a cool new look, with a central horizontal daytime running light, and multiple LED projectors, they are quite expensive with the eye-watering price tag of £1106.96 plus fitting!

This could easily be forgiven for an outstanding product, after all, you can’t put a price on safety. Unfortunately though, the new lights do have one fundamental flaw – the transition to high beams.

The Problem with Caterham Headlights

Whilst the full high beam does produce an excellent amount of light, which travels a long way down the road ahead, in activating them the low beam section of the headlamps are switched off. The low (or dipped) beam is the part of the headlamp which lights the road directly in front of you, and with these headlamps the peripherals too. By switching to high beams you then lose visibility of the kerbs and hedges to either side of you, which can be a disconcerting feeling when navigating country lanes at night.

Our Solution

Here at Turn 7 we have tried and tested numerous headlamp options before settling on our recommended units. These, like the Caterham official headlamp, have a central horizontal daytime running light and provide a very comparable amount of light to the Caterham option on both low and high beams. The difference with these headlights is that when the main beams are
activated, the dipped beams stay on as well.

These headlight units are available from Turn 7 supplied and fully installed for just £599 including VAT.

Why take a chance on your safety? See and be seen with Turn 7’s Caterham lighting upgrade package.

Call us on 01423 575077 or email enquiries@turn7.co.uk for more information.

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