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Caterham Tail light Upgrades

Price £399

Caterham tail lights are an area which have been in need of improvement for a good long while.

Caterham are aware of this and have now produced a very stylish new LED rear light cluster which replaces the original units, retaining the boxy shape we are all familiar with. The new cluster includes running lights which extend around three of the four edges, built in fog lamps, thin central indicator bars and small brake light elements to the outer edges.

Priced at £436.90, the kit is supplied by Caterham for home fitting, along with a new number plate light containing a reversing lamp.

These are, in our opinion, a very nice product which modernises the look of the back of the car, without removing it too far from the simple styling Caterhams are so well known for.

There is however still a question mark over the visibility that these lights provide to the vehicles behind you.

The Problem with Caterham Tail Light Visibility

One of the fundamental issues with Caterham rear lights is their being positioned so low down. With cars getting bigger with each new model, it is getting difficult for the average motorist to see our lights when they are close behind us. With the new Caterham LED rear light being positioned in the same location, this is an issue which hasn’t been addressed.

As for the light units themselves, the running lights around the edges are very bright and dominate a large portion of the cluster. With such small elements left for the brake lights, there isn’t an enormous change in the lighting level when the brake pedal is pressed. This problem then further extends to the indicators, which again are very small but also just add more light to an already very bright and localised area. This can make it difficult for vehicles behind to distinguish exactly what is being indicated to them.

So, what’s the solution?

In true Turn 7 fashion, we have spent a great deal of time experimenting with multiple options to find the best operational solution, whilst providing a nice finish.

Upgraded tail light bulbs

What we have devised are an already popular upgraded LED backing plate, designed to sit within the existing light clusters, and replacment the bulbs. Significantly improving the brightness of the original rear clusters and the area illuminated.

High Level LED lights

We then combine these with dual high level LED strip lights on either side of the roll bar/cage. Built into these are running lights, brake lights and indicators, providing a full additional compliment of lighting which is
around 2-feet higher than the standard cluster alone.

Our rear lighting upgrade package comes supplied and fitted for just £399 incuding VAT.

Why take a chance on your safety? See and be seen with Turn 7’s Caterham lighting upgrade package.

Call us on 01423 575077 or email enquiries@turn7.co.uk for more information.

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