Winter Caterham servicing, and an offer

Dec 1, 2023 | News

To SORN or not to SORN, that is the question 🤔

Do you put your pride and joy to bed over the winter months, for it to wake from its restful slumber (on a trickle charger, naturally) come spring, or do you keep on blatting, no matter what the month and temperature?

Either way, we bet you like to hit the summer miles with fully-serviced-smiles.

In a typical new year, we are inundated with servicing requests from newly-awoken Caterhams all at the same time—March. The rush causes our Carlos quite a bit of stress, and sometimes disappointment for the customer looking to get out on the road ASAP.

So this year we’d like to a) have you prepared and ready for the sunshine in plenty of time and b) have Carlos smiling along with you 😊

To that end, if you book your Caterham in for a service before the end of February, we’ll throw in a free geometry check, done with our flashy new alignment equipment! Hit the road with the confidence that your tyres are all pointing in their optimal direction…

Give the workshop a call on 01423 575877 to book your service and free geometry check before the end of February!