Which Caterham chassis do I need, S3 or SV?

Oct 16, 2023 | Blogs

When we talk to prospective new Caterham owners, the first topic of conversation is “which chassis do I need?“.

Although the small chassis has limits to the size of person it will accommodate, you might be surprised to learn how tall a person will fit. The question of chassis size then, can often come down to your intended use.

Callum is 6’2” tall, and can fit in an S3 chassis. But, don’t let that be your only influence! Other details need to be checked. An S3 chassis with standard floors may feel cramped for taller individuals, affecting vision, legroom, and driving comfort. Lowered floors provide more space and improved visibility, making the car drivable for taller drivers. The larger — SV — chassis, offers even more room, with increased width and boot space, adding comfort for long journeys or touring where one might be carrying more luggage.

Choosing the right floor pan and chassis size is crucial for comfort and driving experience, and there are small adjustments available for pedals and steering wheel positioning. We’ll cover those details in a future post.

The ideal solution is to visit your local Caterham specialist and try the different sizes for yourself.

Watch this short video as we cover the two chassis sizes, and important details such as standard versus lowered floors. Bonus top tip — how to quickly and easily identify an S3 or SV chassis!