A guide to Caterham dashboards

Aug 20, 2023 | Blogs

Caterham dashboards have evolved over the last 50 years, but pretty much they’ve stayed the same. So we’re going to take you through the different controls, and some of the alternative dashboard layouts.

  • The dashboard features controls for hazard lights, fog lights, fuel gauge, heated front windscreen, heater fan, temperature gauge, immobiliser, oil pressure gauge, windscreen washer jets, windscreen wipers and indicators.
  • Sometimes there is a start/stop button, and there’s always a brake fluid warning ‘switch’.
  • Fuel gauges in Caterhams are not always accurate, and it’s recommended to fill up the tank and compare it with the fuel tank capacity mentioned in the owner’s manual. A common technique drivers use is to reset the trip meter, and just fill up at a consistent mileage (entirely dependant on your driving style, of course!)
  • Caterhams may have heated front windscreens.
  • Indicators may sometimes stop working, but trying the hazard light switch can fix the issue.
  • Some Caterhams have quick-release steering wheels for easier entry and added security.