How to get into and out of a Caterham

Jul 30, 2023 | Blogs

Getting in and out of a Caterham

Getting in and out of an everyday car is so easy, it’s instinctive. It’s almost the same with a Caterham, but there are a couple of important things to note. Let us take you through getting in and out safely, and with grace!

– Caterhams may have inertia reel seat belts or four-point harnesses. The latter should be folded neatly out of the way before getting in or out of the car.
– When getting in, avoid putting weight on the windscreen or the rear wheel arch to prevent damage. Instead, use the chassis rail over the top of the wheel arch, and the transmission tunnel, to hold your weight as you get in the car.
– Be cautious of touching the hot exhaust when getting in or out of the car! If it’s a K series, the exhaust will be on the passenger side. Warn them 😊
– When getting out, reverse the action. Push your body weight upwards using the chassis rail and the transmission tunnel top, using the floor rail for support if needed.
– When the hood is on, getting in and out requires a specific technique: enter head first across to the passenger side, twist your hips onto the transmission tunnel top, and bring in the second leg. Reversing the process, exit by twisting, going bum first, and standing up. Et voila!