Common Problems and Fixes for Caterham Immobilisers

Jul 23, 2023 | Blogs

A Caterham immobiliser

There are a couple of different immobiliser systems in Caterhams. In this video we go through how to use them and cover some of the common problems.

Some highlights from the video…

  • The two most common immobilisers are the Sterling (teardrop style) and the older Rover system.
  • To deactivate the immobiliser, press the smooth button without the padlock until you hear a click or a beep and the light stops flashing.
  • A common problem is starting the car without fully disarming the immobiliser system — this may cause the engine to fire and then die, making you think something else is wrong. The simple fix: deactivate the immobiliser, wait for the light to stop flashing, arm the system again, and then deactivate it once more.
  • The Sterling immobiliser system operates on proximity, and you need to move the immobiliser fob close to the coiled wire to disarm. The coil is often found near the key barrel, but on Superlight dashboards is often in the flat area in front of the gear shift.
  • We also cover reprogramming a Sterling system in the video.